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Background:   History of Muslim Oils

As in ancient times, Muslims throughout the world continue to use essential and fragrance body oils for multiple reasons.

For many Muslims, oils have religious significance as they are used in many worship services. In addition to use in prayers, Muslims often use body oils to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Typically, essential oils are derived from six different sources: herbal, citrus, floral, woody, musky or spicy. Traditional musky scents include FRANKINCENSE and MYRRH. Islamic history cites many references to familiar floral scents such as jasmine, rose and lavender, while sandalwood echoes fragrant woodsy notes.

Due to the complex chemical structure of essential oils, an informed manufacturing process is critical. The goal is to achieve the perfect balance of primary scent, strength of scent, and duration of scent.

Prime Products Uses Only Highest Quality Essential Oils

For more than 10 years, Prime Products has produced oils for religious services, insisting on the highest production standards and using only the finest quality of available essences. To date, our oils have been available only through contract sales.

After many requests, we now proudly introduce PRIME PRODUCTS SILVER ESSENCE OILS, our newest line which is available to the public.

Our large selection of more than 40 oils includes 5 new oils, specifically created to celebrate the 5 different Muslim daily prayers. These are: SOFT DAWN, NOONTIDE, GENTLE REFLECTION, TWILIGHT, AND SOFT EVENING.

We recognize that our knowledgeable customers insist on quality and consistency. WE DO TOO!

Spiritual fragrances with fantastic aroma
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International: USPS First Class - $20.00 up to 6 bottles

Ordering more then 6 bottles, see rates.

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Muslim religious oils
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