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Sandalwood Oil
Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Oil

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A precious oil since ancient times, rich sandalwood oil is extemely versatile. Woody cedar and sandalwood notes are blended with rose and jasmine scents. SANDALWOOD OIL is still widely used for spiritual and emtional applications.

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Types of Body Oils

Typically, essential oils are derived from six different sources: herbal, citrus, floral, woody, musky, or spice origins. For example, traditional musky scents include frankincense and myrrh. Jasmine, rose and lavender recall familiar floral scents, and sandalwood echoes fragrant woodsy notes.

Due to the complex chemical structure of essential oils, an informed manufacturing process is critical. The goal is to achieve the perfect balance of primary scent, strength of scent, and duration of scent.

Spiritual & anointing oils

Fragrance oils ready the body for prayer

Prime Products offers a vast array of scented oils, perfume oils, fragrance oils, and essential oils. Each type of oil has a distinctive story about its history and usage. Oil classifications often shift and overlay each other according to the regions, countries, and cultures of origin. For example, essential oils are also known as pure oils. Some familiar oils, often used as religious oils, include Frankincense and Myrrh.

Fragrance oils are also known as scented oils, body oils, or perfume oils. Many of these oils throughout the world are used during religious services. Examples include: Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood.

General Safety Information: Do not take any oils internally. Use extreme caution when using oils with or around children. Do not allow children to ingest oils.

Emergency & First Aid Procedures:
Inhalation: seek fresh air immediately, if breathing is difficult -see doctor. Eyes: Flush immediately with clean water for at least 15 minutes. Contact doctor. Ingestion: give water to dilute, see doctor, or contact emergency room.